Researchers “Reprogram” Network of Brain Cells with Thin Beam of Light

In this photo of living mouse neurons, calcium imaging techniques were used to record the firing of individual neurons and their pulses of electricity. (Yuste Lab/Columbia University) Neurons that fire together really do wire together, says a new study in Science, suggesting that the three-pound computer in our heads may be more malleable than we think. In the latest issue of Science, neuroscientists at Columbia University demonstrate that a set of neurons trained to fire in unison could be reactivated as much as a day later if just one neuron in the network was stimulated. Though further research is needed, their findings suggest that groups of activated neurons may form the basic building blocks of learning and memory, as originally hypothesized by psychologist Donald Hebb in the 1940s. “I always…

Link to Full Article: Researchers “Reprogram” Network of Brain Cells with Thin Beam of Light

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