Review: “Ex Machina” is science-fiction with (artificial) intelligence

It seems very likely that in the not too distant future scientists will look at “Ex Machina” and will think its filmmakers definitely did their homework. Writer director Alex Garland posits that the creation of an artificial life form is not a question of “if,” but “when.” His next step is to ask head-scratching questions such as how will we know when we have created a new life form, how will it react with its creators, and just who the hell are we to be playing God? Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images View all 10 photos If any person could reach the pinnacle of technology it would have to be someone in the mold of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, which seem to be clear inspirations for Nathan Bateman, a…

Link to Full Article: Review: “Ex Machina” is science-fiction with (artificial) intelligence

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