RiSE – Roche internship for Scientific Exchange – in Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Discovery group in Basel is responsible for the identification and validation of targets, the selection and characterization of drug candidates, as well as the scientific aspects of projects aiming at the identification of new medicines for diseases of the central nervous system. Our task is to support ongoing research projects using molecular pharmacological methods in order to understand the mode of action of novel compounds. We are interested in the regulation of programmed cell death, in particular, the molecular mechanisms regulating necroptosis. The key execution step of necroptosis involves the phosphorylation of the pseudokinase MLKL by RIPK3, resulting in MLKL translocation to the plasma and cytoplasmic membranes where it creates pores leading to ions influx, cell and organelles swelling and cell death. As an Intern in the Neuroscience…

Link to Full Article: RiSE – Roche internship for Scientific Exchange – in Neuroscience

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