Robot Revolution? 5 Worrisome Things AI Can Already Do

Jokes about the impending robot revolution are easy to come by these days. Whenever news breaks about a new robotics system or artificial intelligence study, everyone tosses off a joke about Terminators and the rise of the machines and welcoming our new robotic overlords. Then we go back to our business. But there’s a nervous timbre in those chuckles, I think, and with good reason. Keep up with the science headlines, and you’ll find that robots and A.I. systems are getting up to some pretty interesting mischief of late. And by “interesting,” I mean “terrifying.” But then, I’m prone to a certain paranoia around these issues. Here’s a quick sampling of five subtle but alarming things that robots and A.I. are learning to do. Robots are learning to write You…

Link to Full Article: Robot Revolution? 5 Worrisome Things AI Can Already Do

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