Robotic Toddler “Imagines” How To Stand Before Doing It

One small step for robots, one giant leap for our robotic overlords. Today we’re seeing a robotic toddler that used brain-inspired algorithms to “imagine” performing tasks before trying them in a real world situation – instead of receiving programming as robots traditionally do. Darwin the robot mimicked actual toddlers in that it was unsteady on its feet. The humanoid robot, despite its clumsy motions, demonstrated a new way for robots to deal with the challenges of unfamiliar environments. Like toddlers, the robot is learning to perform a new task in an unfamiliar environment much the same way a toddler uses neurological processes as they explore challenging areas. Darwin hails from the lab of associate professor for the University of California in Berkeley  Pieter Abbeel. Its motions are controlled by a few simulated neural…

Link to Full Article: Robotic Toddler “Imagines” How To Stand Before Doing It

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