Russia Is Developing New Missile Technology That Uses Artificial Intelligence

Russia is catching up with the US and China in developing new missile technology with artificial intelligence. The AI gives a strategic advantage as it allows missiles to choose the target in mid-air. In modern day warfare, the top 3 military super powers of the world –the US, China, and Russia, are investing heavily to outsmart each other in air superiority, stealth, and missile technology. [Image Source: Kremlin] What Russia is planning to do According to Boris Obnosov, CEO of Tactical Missiles Corporation, “Work in this area is under way. This is a very serious field where fundamental research is required. As of today, certain successes are available, but we’ll still have to work for several years to achieve specific results”. The statement underlies the effort required to get the desired results. Though Boris did not mention the missile name, he asserted that within few years, the AI technology will be developed to match up to the other two superpowers. After studying the significant capabilities of AI missiles used by the US in Syria, he is quick to retort in favor of developing AI technology. Missiles embedded with artificial intelligence can change course in mid-air and choose their targets. This…

Link to Full Article: Russia Is Developing New Missile Technology That Uses Artificial Intelligence

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