Salesforce Uses The Artificial Intelligence of ‘Einstein’ To Boost Services

View of the’s logo in the Cloudstock Expo at their Cloudforce event in San Francisco.(Photo by Kim Kulish / Contributor via Getty Images) Artificial intelligence, once the stuff of science fiction, is now slowly meshing into the fabric of our everyday existence. Advertisement From chatbots in Facebook that can talk to customers to Google’s Alpha Go that defeated a world champion in the ancient strategy board game of “Go,” the sophistication of artificial intelligence is growing exponentially every year upending our lifestyles in ways never before seen since the dawn of the Industrial Age. One company that is taking full advantage of the paradigm shift is Salesforce. Hello, Einstein!  Salesforce is one of Silicon valley’s luminaries specializing in software development for sales and marketing, catering to both large companies…

Link to Full Article: Salesforce Uses The Artificial Intelligence of ‘Einstein’ To Boost Services

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