Scoring Docebo, a learning management vendor

In my last story, I talked about the burgeoning Learning Management Systems (LMS) market. For this story, I decided to take a close look at Docebo, scoring it against my understanding of the market. The Docebo team clearly sees the value in the 70-20-10 rule where 10% of training is formal (think classroom) training, 20% is social learning (i.e., where learning occurs via social interaction) and 70% rests in the experiential training (i.e., the sharing of job related experiences) realm. A major focus of the product line now is in the experiential area. This is why Docebo is enabling the rapid capture and sharing of short peer-to-peer videos. This technology is what enables rapid, just-in-time knowledge transfer. Docebo put a lot of thought behind the user interface/experience on this. The…

Link to Full Article: Scoring Docebo, a learning management vendor

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