Sexbots Aren’t The Answer To Feminism

Imagine a future where masses of men divorce themselves from the world and have sex with robots instead of people. Maybe children would all be conceived through artificial means by then and raised by the government. If not, humanity would die off. This is the dystopian future sexbots will bring about, as described by pick-up artists, men’s rights activists, feminists, and others. If we go down that road, it would be a fitting end to a human species that is unnecessary and undeserving of continued existence. Anyone with Siri on his iPhone knows how shallow that proposition is. Artificial intelligence can’t even come close to emulating the range of emotions and reactions of a human being. Many of the articles about sexbots, though, project 50 years into the future. By then, artificial intelligence would have made…

Link to Full Article: Sexbots Aren’t The Answer To Feminism

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