Shell-Shaped Brain Region Allows Multitasking

New York:  Researchers have found evidence that a shell-shaped region in the centre of the mammalian brain is likely responsible for the ability to routinely and seamlessly multitask.Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center found that the thalamic reticular nucleus or TRN helps the brain multitask.The process, they suggest, is done by individual TRN neurons that act like a “switchboard,” continuously filtering sensory information and shifting more or less attention onto one sense – like sight – while relatively blocking out distracting information from other senses, including sound.In their research in mice, the investigators showed that TRN neurons, which have been previously implicated in the dampening of brain signals in people, were also less active when the mice were led to focus on – and respond to – a visual flash…

Link to Full Article: Shell-Shaped Brain Region Allows Multitasking

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