Should We Be Scared of an Intelligent Internet of Things?

Last week was IoT week on SitePoint which saw us publish a plethora of articles focused on the intersection of the internet and the physical world. We covered some seriously great stuff! Among my favorites was this article by Christopher Pitt on combining an Arduino, Minecraft and PHP (yup, PHP) and this article by SitePoint’s Alex Walker and Jude Aakjaer on creating a motion-sensing, meeting-room-reserving Arduino platform. More from this author jQuery’s JSONP Explained with Examples A Round up of Online Code Playgrounds Now, I don’t mind admitting that I’m a bit of an IoT skeptic. As I’ve written in the past, it worries me that in the rush to get the latest, greatest IoT products out of the door, security is often an afterthought. I also have zero confidence…

Link to Full Article: Should We Be Scared of an Intelligent Internet of Things?

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