Smart Energy: Using IoT and AI to Reduce Waste, Boost Profits

Credit: whiteMocca/Shutterstock Reducing waste and responsible energy management has become a necessity for corporations looking to shore up their image in the eye of the public. However, while going green is certainly a commendable, ethical goal, it’s also a fiscally responsible one. Companies that implement green strategies – such as waste reduction, energy efficiency and predictive maintenance – invariably save money in the long run. An effective energy management strategy requires the latest technology. Today, that’s a combination of the internet of things (IoT) and machine-learning algorithms, more commonly known as artificial intelligence (AI). IoT solutions can be implemented as narrowly as at the circuit level, and by leveraging and analyzing that data with AI, decision-makers can pull actionable information to significantly reduce waste and further optimize business operations. AI…

Link to Full Article: Smart Energy: Using IoT and AI to Reduce Waste, Boost Profits

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