StarCraft could prove quite a challenge for Google’s AI

Having conquered the Chinese game of Go, the next challenge for Google’s artificial intelligence could be a bit harder as researchers consider teaching the AI Starcraft.While Starcraft may just seem like another game, unlike Go, or chess, the Blizzard classic might stump the artificial intelligence according to Wall Street Journal. The reason for this is because unlike a board game, where players take their turns one person at a time, StarCraft is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game with pieces that are always moving and multiple actions taking place on screen (and in the fog of war) at any given moment. Despite this the creator of the AI program that beat Lee Se-Dol at Go, Demis Hassabis, has reportedly been eyeing Starcraft for some time now saying it would be “the next…

Link to Full Article: StarCraft could prove quite a challenge for Google’s AI

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