Study uncovers details of information processing in the brain

IMAGE: Kyle Mathewson, assistant professor, and Sayeed Kizuk, graduate student, demonstrate the use of EEG technology for studying information processing in the brain. view more Credit: Dawn Graves EDMONTON (Monday, December 5, 2016)–You’re in a crowded lecture theatre. Around you are a million tiny distractions: someone rustling in their bag; a door opening for latecomers; a phone vibrating or lighting up; another listener having a snack; a pen dropping on the floor. However, you remain focused, concentrating on the speaker, listening and engaging with the talk. But, how do you do that? New research shows that when we’re paying attention to something, that information is processed in a continuous manner. But when we’re trying to ignore something, we perceive and experience information in waves or frames, like scenes in a movie.…

Link to Full Article: Study uncovers details of information processing in the brain

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