Surprised? Yeah, Microsoft’s tech knows that’s how you felt

facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusemailcommentsmoreredditpinteresttumblrEnlarge Image<div id=”92c8c282-f170-4a12-890c-a31e857ad2cb” class=”enlargeImage” data-component=”globalModal” data-global-modal-options=”{“content”:””,”modalTemplate”:”{{content}}”}”/>Microsoft’s emotion-reading tool is available to developers in beta now. Microsoft LONDON — It’s the look in his eyes, the smile on her face. That’s how you, the human, get a sense of how someone else is feeling. Now Microsoft says it can get a computer to pick up on those same cues.Microsoft’s Project Oxford artificial intelligence team showed off emotion-reading technology on Wednesday at the company’s Future Decoded event here that uses knowledge of universal facial expressions to identify specific human feelings conveyed in photos.The tool, which has been released in beta to developers, trains computers to recognise eight core emotional states: anger, contempt, fear, disgust, happiness, neutral, sadness and surprise.Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella spoke earlier Wednesday at the event about how he…

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