SwiftKey Paves Way For Apps With Locally Run Neural Networks

Over the past couple of years, there has been an explosion of interest in machine learning and in using neural networks to enhance the capabilities of various products and services. Perhaps the biggest moment so far in the machine learning field was when Google’s DeepMind AI beat Lee Sedol, an 18-time world Go champion. Go is a highly complex game even for humans, and machines weren’t supposed to start winning against professionals for at least another decade. DeepMind winning against a Go world champion sent shockwaves through the technology industry. Suddenly the idea of “artificial intelligence” didn’t seem something that was so far off, but something that, within a matter of a few years, could become highly useful when applied to real-world problems. Advanced machine learning holds the promise of…

Link to Full Article: SwiftKey Paves Way For Apps With Locally Run Neural Networks

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