Talent Matters: Leveraging Machine Learning for Better Recruiting

Talent Matters: Leveraging Machine Learning for Better Recruiting Analytics offers talent-acquisition leaders and recruiters a better way to find candidates who are a good fit. By Jean Martin and Aman Alexander Tuesday, July 11, 2017 By now, you’ve probably noticed the very specific and relevant ads popping up on your Facebook newsfeed ever since you “liked” all those fan pages, pictures and status updates. Or you may have noticed that after watching that exciting action-thriller on Netflix, your movie recommendations now contain the best of Schwarzenegger and Stallone. In both cases, these changes are not coming from a clever marketer or analyst, but rather a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning. Machine learning models learn from real-world data (like your movie choices) and use those observations to make sophisticated predictive models.  In the corporate world, machine learning is being used in ever-expanding ways. For example, cybersecurity teams use it to anticipate potential hacking or malware attacks, and investment professionals use it to predict the movement of stock prices. That said, one area where machine learning has yet to reach its full potential is in recruiting, though our analysis shows that the benefits can be substantial. Not only can machine…

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