Talking about alzheimer: news and reports from RCI

Photo Credit: iStock Graham Collingridge © Canadian Press/Hand out photo The University of Toronto chair of physiology Graham Collingridge has won what is touted as “the Nobel Prize of Neuroscience” for his work on memory. The one-million-Euro ($1.46 million Cdn) prize was awarded by the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research…»  Toronto, 2013, A woman plays scrabble with her husbanc who has Alzheimer’s. It is known that exercise and brain stimulation can help reduce or delay Alzheimer’s, but a new study shows a simple test conbining thought with a physical movement can reveal the possibilty of Alzheimer’s much sooner, before symptoms show, and that combining thought with movement, such as learning to play an instrument in later life can also strengthen brain pathways and delay or reduce Alzheimer’s effects. © Nathan Denette/Canadian Press…

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