Technology, Policy Rule In D.C. Auto Show

Technology and policy meet at the Washington Auto Show, and this year it became clear that the meeting is heading toward a collision. Here comes the autonomous-car confabulation of infrastructure, privacy issues, regulatory cobwebs and an impending legal logjam that will make Bleak House read like a gripping thriller. On the first day, cyber techies from GM and Toyota, AutoNation, New York’s urban mobility director, an urban mobility research scientist and mobile app startup brain trust talked about issues that most people probably aren’t even thinking about right now: so you have an autonomous car. Or a connected car. You’re spinning off data like Chinese fireworks. Who owns it all? And by the way, who really owns the autonomous, connected car? While automakers didn’t get into those issues the following…

Link to Full Article: Technology, Policy Rule In D.C. Auto Show

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