The Importance of Data Science in the 21st Century

Posted in: Featured Courses You may be surprised to learn just how much data science informs your everyday life. Amazon recommendations, marketing campaigns, Uber, Siri, price comparison sites, gaming and image recognition, are all powered, to varying degrees, by data science. And, you may have heard the term over the last year and not fully understand what it means. Data science is defined as an interdisciplinary field in which processes and systems are used to extract knowledge or insights from data. Those who are data scientists collect, manage, analyze and interpret vast amounts of data with a diverse array of applications. In 2016, data science is predicted to reach a momentous status as many industries are realizing just how important this field is to informing their day-to-day decisions. And, with marketing trends in 2016 predicting a surge in mobile advertising, personalization, and an overall need…

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