The NHTSA May Have Required Apple to Open Up Its AI Research

Right after Apple revealed more of its plans to the U.S. Government regarding its autonomous car project, we learn that Apple is going to break with tradition and start publishing its AI research. This is an interesting sequence of events. What may have been the cause of Apple’s new approach? What you are about to read is some basic facts followed by speculation. The NHTSA and AI First, the facts. As we know, most major car companies have ambitions to build autonomous, that is, self-driving cars. It will be a very competitive industry with many risks and much at stake. Safety regulations and liability issues come into play. Also, this is a complex technology that involves considerable mastery of many kinds of senors and an artificial intelligence agent to navigate the car safely.…

Link to Full Article: The NHTSA May Have Required Apple to Open Up Its AI Research

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