The Rapidly Developing World of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, referred to simply as AI, is mostly associated with films and fiction; the Terminator movies, iRobot and RoboCop. These are worst case scenarios concocted by creative minds and adapted from stories. Artificial beings have been common in fiction since the 19th Century. The actual idea of attempting to build a machine to perform useful reasoning may have originated as early as 1300 CE with Ramon Llull. In 1956, the leaders of Artificial Intelligence research, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, Arthur Samuel and Herbert Simon and their students wrote astonishing programs that meant that computers were: Winning at checkers Solving word problems in algebra Proving logical theorems Speaking English Due to the release of the “Lighthill Report” where Sir James Lighthill reviewed academic research in Artificial Intelligence and…

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