The Skynet is Falling!: Which Data Science Outsider are You?

“The Intern” is a movie about a retired septuagenarian workhorse from another era who lands an internship at a hip internet startup. Could he possibly have something to teach the brilliant, young entrepreneurs? You bet he does! He’s Robert De Niro! Only 2 years before, a suspiciously similarly titled movie called “The Internship” posed a similar question. Two 40-something-year-old school salesmen interned at Google. Could the technology giant learn anything from two experts from an era of door-to-door palm-pressing, big smiles, and taking clients out for drinks and cigars? Hmmm….. Both films play on a fear of slipping through the technology cracks, and the desire to remain relevant. I’ve had the fortune of working closely with business leaders at large companies for a long time, and I’ve been a zealous…

Link to Full Article: The Skynet is Falling!: Which Data Science Outsider are You?

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