The threat of artificial intelligence

Drones are examples of the way in which the world is becoming automated. While we profit from homo-sapien’s current living standard and longevity peaks after hundreds and thousands of years of evolution—we’re the most advanced and dominant species to populate planet earth—many esteemed scientific experts believe the single greatest threat to our existence is the so-called “Singularity”. This is the event predicted to arrive between 2020 and 2050 when the exponential increase in computing power—explained by “Moore’s law” that forecasts that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles roughly every two years—could enable “narrow” artificial intelligence (AI) to evolve to, and critically surpass, “strong” or “generalised” AI that is equivalent to human functionality. At this game-changing juncture non-biological intelligence would pass a “Turing Test”, demonstrating through natural language conversations…

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