The Top 10 Jobs That Robots Could Steal From Humans By 2025

It’s the science-fiction nightmare we’ve all dreaded — perhaps the rogue computer from “2001: A Space Odyssey” somehow joins forces with the brutal robots from one of “The Terminator” movies to seize your job. In more realistic terms, you might fear your company’s bean counters finding any excuse they can to automate you out of employment. Maybe these manic cost cutters end up cooking a gourmet recipe for a robot economy — that seemingly inevitable era where inefficient humans are rendered useless by hyper-efficient cyborgs. Well, something resembling that day may already be here. But it’s not as dreary as you or Hollywood has envisioned. At least not yet. Robotic and artificial intelligence systems being developed by IBM (IBM), Alphabet (GOOGL) unit Google, Tesla Motors (TSLA) and others are sophisticated and cheap enough to spread rapidly through…

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