The weird way to software differentiation – with Sift Science

SUMMARY: My first piece on Sift Science focused on CEO Jason Tan’s early career struggles and how machine learning changes fraud detection. This time, I talk with Tan about “embracing the weird” as a way of doing business in a crowded data science startup field. In my prior feature on Sift Science with CEO Jason Tan, we talked about how his early struggles led to an embrace of the “weird,” – in his case, the wonderful weirdness of high-tech startups. But our chat about about Sift Science’s approach to fraud detection missed something: Tan continues to put the sensibility of “weird” to good use, standing out from other big data startups. The term “weird” has been through somewhat of a corporate rehabilitation, thanks in part to Seth Godin’s ebook missive,…

Link to Full Article: The weird way to software differentiation – with Sift Science

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