These Bay Area FinTech Companies Are Leading the Artificial Intelligence Fintech Revolution

Fintech is rapidly changing many core aspects of the finance industry, and one of the technologies with the most potential impact is artificial intelligence. AI technology has the capacity to both save the industry millions of dollars in regulatory costs and efficiency improvements and also potentially eliminate a significant portion of the financial services workforce. San Francisco, the site of the Benzinga FinTech Summit on September 28th, is a hub for the growing industry of artificial intelligence in fintech. Benzinga is featuring some of the best and brightest upcoming artificial intelligence companies in the Bay Area. Read on for our first installment of the San Francisco fintech landscape. Ayasdi: Ayasdi is an artificial intelligence and machine intelligence software company. It offers a platform and apps to organizations trying to analyze and build predictive using data sets. Botanic Technologies is an artificial intelligence, software, and services company that builds chatbots, assistants, and avatars to be the user experience to AI. Business Reactor: Business Reactor delivers data, research and technology solutions to banks and financial institutions. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to collect, organize and analyze information on technologies and companies powering fintech innovation. Cape Analytics: Cape Analytics combines artificial intelligence…

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