This AI Can Teach You How To Step Up Your Selfie Game

Researcher Andrej Karpathy taught an AI neural network how to rank selfies, finding that women take better ones than men.(Photo : Andrej Karpathy) Social media pros know how important the selfie is to generating likes and comments. Nothing is worse to our self-esteem than posting a photo we think we look close to perfect in and it not getting the love we thought it deserved. Of course, there is an art to snapping your best selfie, such as trying different angles, lighting and cropping the photo in an interesting way, but this neural network artificial intelligence will help you step your selfie game up to the next level. Standford doctoral candidate Andrej Karpathy has trained an AI to determine which selfies are good and bad based on the amount of likes the photos received.…

Link to Full Article: This AI Can Teach You How To Step Up Your Selfie Game

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