This Artist Is Teaching Neural Networks to Make Abstract Art

Gregory Chatonsky, Purple Flowers, 2016. Images courtesy the artist Can computers make art? Nearly a year after Google’s DeepDream program flooded the internet with puppyslugs, it’s still hard to tell. Artist Gregory Chatonsky, whose work deals with the technological catastrophes facing our culture, explores this question with his latest project, It’s Not Really You.  Chatonsky started with thousands of historical, contemporary, and abstract paintingsm which he fed to Facebook’s Eyescream artificial neural network (ANN). It created a series of 13 works based on what it “learned” an abstract painting is supposed to look like. To add texture, Chatonsky fed those images to another ANN called “Neural Style,” and fabricated the results with a 2.5D printer to give them the substance of actual paints. This represents taking the painting from concept to physical product.…

Link to Full Article: This Artist Is Teaching Neural Networks to Make Abstract Art

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