This is Why America Might Lose 6% of its Jobs in 5 Years

Robots like this one will fundamentally change the economy and lead to job losses | Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images We’re hot on the heels of some great news regarding the economy, with household incomes making a sharp rise, even for those on the lowest rungs. Unemployment is down — way down, considering Great Recession levels — and consumer confidence and stock prices are high. All told, things are in pretty good shape. But there are looming job losses and giant economic changes on the horizon that policymakers and social leaders still aren’t preparing for. Though it still seems like science fiction, we’re rapidly approaching a time and age in which many workers are going to be made redundant by technology and automation. That means job losses — or job destruction, really…

Link to Full Article: This is Why America Might Lose 6% of its Jobs in 5 Years

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