Trailblazers: AI ‘guardian angel’ guides firefighters through burning buildings

An artificial intelligence project developed by NASA and the Department of Homeland Security has been dubbed a “firefighter’s guardian angel” for its ability to support fire crews in dangerous environments. AUDREY (the Assistant for Understanding Data through Reasoning, Extraction, and sYnthesis) is designed to collect data on temperatures, gases and other danger signals and transmit them to individual firefighters, guiding them safely through a blaze and recommending how they can best work with their team. “As a firefighter moves through an environment, AUDREY could send alerts through a mobile device or head-mounted display,” said Mark James of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, lead scientist for the AUDREY project. The cloud-based technology could also work with wearable sensors placed on the firefighters’ clothes, where it could identify an individual’s GPS location, heat…

Link to Full Article: Trailblazers: AI ‘guardian angel’ guides firefighters through burning buildings

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