Trans-Humanist Presidential Candidate Welcomes Our Robot Overlords

He doesn’t seem to be polling terribly well at the moment, but “transhumanist atheist” Zoltan Istvan is running for President in 2016, and hoping he might be one of the last humans to hold the job. Scott Beauchamp of the Pacific Standard chatted with Istvan about the coming age of benevolent robot overlords: When I asked Istvan, currently touring America in his Immortality Bus, what American politics would look like in 100 years, he answered that “There won’t be an America in 100 years. I’m sure of that fact. That’s why I formed the World Transhumanist Party, whose mandate is to become the first democratically [elected] political party to run a world government.” When I asked him if he would want to be replaced by an AI politician, Istvan’s response was upbeat and…

Link to Full Article: Trans-Humanist Presidential Candidate Welcomes Our Robot Overlords

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