Understanding Recursive Deep Learning

by Angela Guess Daniel Gutierrez recently wrote in InsideBigData, “In the talk below, Recursive Deep Learning for Modeling Compositional and Grounded Meaning, Richard Socher, Founder, MetaMind describes deep learning algorithms that learn representations for language that are useful for solving a variety of complex language tasks. He focuses on 3 projects: (i) Contextual sentiment analysis (e.g. having an algorithm that actually learns what’s positive in this sentence: “The Android phone is better than the iPhone”); (ii) Question answering to win trivia competitions (like IBM Watson’s Jeopardy system but with one neural network); (iii) Multimodal sentence-image embeddings to find images that visualize sentences and vice versa (with a fun demo!). All three tasks are solved with a similar type of recursive neural network algorithm.” Gutierrez goes on, “Richard Socher obtained his…

Link to Full Article: Understanding Recursive Deep Learning

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