Understanding the time metadata

The Dicom files have quite a lot of metadata in them. I was hoping to use this metadata in some way. In particular, I wanted to understand the time information. One piece of metadata on there is AcquisitionTime, which I am assuming is the time at which the frame was taken. I’m actually chiefly interested in the ordering, but I just want to make sure I have a correct understanding of the values in the fields. The Dicom time format seems to be “hhmmss.microseconds”. I loaded up all the saxs for study 1, and pulled the AcquisitionTime out of each sax. Here is the time-between-collection I got: [datetime.timedelta(0, 27, 712500), datetime.timedelta(0, 33, 542500), datetime.timedelta(0, 25, 182500), datetime.timedelta(0, 35, 197500), datetime.timedelta(0, 25, 840000), datetime.timedelta(0, 30, 212500), datetime.timedelta(0, 48, 732500), datetime.timedelta(0, 25,…

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