US cybersecurity expert: Israel to be ready to cyber-hack adversaries

Matthew Devost. (photo credit:TWITTER) Israel and Western countries should be prepared to protect their computer systems by cyber attacking rogue adversaries’ infrastructure if necessary, Matthew Devost, a top cybersecurity expert, told The Jerusalem Post.Devost is managing director of Accenture Cyber Security Devost and a former US defense official. Back in Cold War days, there was “behavior that you engage in” clandestinely, but some behaviors you would “not expect even from an attacker,” he said.“We haven’t had Moscow rules in cyber space, there is still no equivalent for the cyber domain,” Devost said, which, in part is what has thrown countries like the US off about how to respond to cyber attacks. There is a “need to find that balance between avoiding unwanted escalation, but being strategically ready for escalation,” he added. Top experts at Tel Aviv conference keep close eye on global cyber attack (Reuters)Devost said in the cyber realm it is important “to be a realist… even if you do not currently have intent” to use an escalating cyber attack on an adversary’s infrastructure, “you need to be pre-positioned for a fullfledged cyber conflict.”For years, most experts have said the biggest puzzle with cyber threats was the strong chance…

Link to Full Article: US cybersecurity expert: Israel to be ready to cyber-hack adversaries

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