Using Machine Learning to Spot Expensive Data Anomalies

Anodot was handing out a flyer at the Money 2020 Conference in Las Vegas this October, which you can see pictured above. It features a series of images, a black and white polar bear where every bear is totally identical, each one entirely indistinguishable from the next…except one. One bear has the slightest difference; it’s perfectly obvious once you spot it. But spotting it is next to impossible, even when you’re looking for it specifically, as the banner urges onlookers to “Find the anomaly.” Which is precisely what Anodot does: detect anomalies. Business Incident Protection in Real Time In a sea of cartoon polar bears (or, if you prefer, the penguins that appeared on the flip side), one outlier isn’t necessarily of much importance. But what if you’re talking about…

Link to Full Article: Using Machine Learning to Spot Expensive Data Anomalies

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