Using Software to Identify Geometric Shapes in Real Time

One of the most time-consuming steps in 3D scanning and data manipulation is translating information from a point cloud into usable 3D data like a mesh. But what if a software could skip this step and go directly to an object’s 3D geometry—in real time? One of the exhibitors from the SPAR 3D Expo and Conference 2016, CurvSurf, has a software offering that can reportedly do just that: recognize and measure 3D object geometry in real time using a run-of-the-mill scanner (think the Xbox Kinect) or a Project Tango-enabled tablet. Finding Surfaces with an Xbox Kinect In the gaming industry, sensors such as the Kinect or even the Nintendo Wii’s controller can be fairly limited in their capabilities. It’s not uncommon for them to misinterpret a gesture altogether, often resulting in gaming…

Link to Full Article: Using Software to Identify Geometric Shapes in Real Time

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