Video: Back to the Future Day

Published 23/10/2015 When Back to the Future 2 was released in 1989, most of us couldn’t wait to get to the year 2015. When Marty McFly travels to October the 21st 2015, he’s met with a futuristic world full of hover boards, video phones, flying cars, shoe laces that tie themselves, pizzas that can be cooked in five seconds and life-like holograms. But what Marty came across in 2015 is very different to our reality. So while things like video calls are common place, hover boards and flying cars still appear to be a long way off. That said, other developments in technology – such as Artificial Intelligence – are definitely here to stay, although many don’t yet know of it. New research released today asked people what futuristic products…

Link to Full Article: Video: Back to the Future Day

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