Watch Arago’s HIRO Beat Out Human Gamers in Freeciv

In Brief Arago’s HIRO artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be able to beat 80 percent of human players in the game of Freeciv. Developers of AI systems are using various video games as a part of their training before moving on to the myriad of beneficial applications just on the horizon. Deep-Learning Gamer HIRO is an artificially-intelligent program from IT and AI company Arago. The program, which stands for Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized, is modeled to imitate human memory and skill in problem solving. HIRO’s latest accomplishment is its expert level playing of the civilization building video game Freeciv. The game, based on Sid Meier’s Civilization series, is hugely unpredictable with as many as 10 to the power of 15,000 possible game solutions. It’s a feat that’s now in the reach…

Link to Full Article: Watch Arago’s HIRO Beat Out Human Gamers in Freeciv

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