What is artificial intelligence and why it’ll be a billion business in 2020

The iCub robot tries to catch a ball during the Innorobo European summit, an event dedicated to the service robotics industry, in Lyon, central France, Thursday, March 15, 2012. AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani You’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence by now. It’s the technology powering Siri, driverless cars, and that creepy Facebook feature that automatically tags your friends when you upload photos. But what is AI, why are people talking about it now, and what will it mean for your everyday life? SunTrust recently released a report that breaks down how AI works, so let’s tackle those questions one at a time. What is AI? AI is what people call computer programs that try to replicate how the human brain operates. For now, they only can replicate very specific tasks. One system can beat humans at the complicated and ancient board game called Go, for example. Lots of these AI systems are being developed, each really good at a specific task. These AI systems all operate in basically the same way. Imagine a system that tries to identify whether a photo has a cat in it. For a human, this is fairly easy, but a computer has a hard time figuring it out.…

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