What is ‘smart’ nutrition, and how will it revolutionize food?

Economists envision humans as rational, cost-benefit-maximizing individuals, a position which sometimes makes it difficult to understand the insane dietary choices many people make. Humanity’s legendary dietary mistakes — which include a king of England dying from eating an excess of Lamprey, a creature so ugly it’s mind boggling that anyone could find the courage to eat more than one — are putting the entire earth at risk. Rarely has been there so firm a consensus on what the problem is, and so little motivation, political or otherwise, to do something about it. Nutritionists everywhere agree that the developed world, and increasing the developing world as well, consumes far too many animal products and refined sugars. But this penchant for animal flesh and greasy, sugary, fried foods isn’t just endangering the…

Link to Full Article: What is ‘smart’ nutrition, and how will it revolutionize food?

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