whats an easy way to implement this behavior?

i have  a new kind of AI behavior i want, that i’ve never needed before: “do normal AI, while avoiding an area” the specific case is doing normal predator or non-predator animal AI in Caveman 3.0 while staying away from campfires. i discovered that “campfire nearby” and “taking missile fire” are not mutually exclusive conditions, and therefore require separate AI variables to avoid conflicts. so a change to the “flee from campfire” code is called for. off the top of my head, it would seem that after deciding on a “move” the AI would have to then check to see if that “move” would place it near a campfire. if so, it would have to choose something else to do. but the more possible “moves” the AI has, the more…

Link to Full Article: whats an easy way to implement this behavior?

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