When artificial intelligence mirrors the worst in us

We are our best friend and worst enemy. I have my reasons when I say so.After the momentous win of Google DeepMind artificial intelligence (A.I.) program – AlphaGo against world champion at an abstract strategy game ‘Go’, A.I. is brought into the limelight once again in the past week, when Microsoft’s A.I. chatbot nicknamed “Tay” started to tweet racists and hateful comments upon interaction with web users.To put the story into context, Microsoft’s Technology and Research and the team at Bing, released Tay into the wild (or the Internet) on March 23 with the objective to “experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding.”It is stated on the website that Tay is designed in such a way that “the more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets.”Here’s Tay’s first…

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