Why chatbots need deep learning

Bots are hot. Bots are coming. However, there are two distinct species both referred to as “bots”: 1. Intelligent virtual agents with conversational UI 2. No-smarts menu-driven programs with graphics UI, relying on on-screen buttons The first article of this series argued that the latter have a number of serious disadvantages that make them virtually unacceptable. They face problems with deep linking, discoverability and lack of bot-to-bot communication protocols. Intelligent conversational agents offer an intriguing solution to these problems: they don’t need new protocols or APIs to communicate with each other and with “master bots” such as Google Assistant. They will communicate in plain English! Bots do the hand off…in English Bots are the new websites  —  every organization will soon have its own bot. In most cases, however, you won’t talk directly…

Link to Full Article: Why chatbots need deep learning

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