Why Do We Fear the Future of the Presence of Technology?

So far–in several posts and in my book Say Yes to No–I’ve emphasized the negative sides of technology–how it makes us distracted, nervous, less empathic, less spiritual, and in some ways, less human. This, in fact, is the direction of Sherry Turkle’s research and her book I’m currently reading, Reclaiming Conversation. I also just re-watched the film Ex Machina, about Nathan, a computer genius and owner of a web-search company–think Google. Nathan creates Ava (whose name is obviously a play on that of the first woman of the Bible, Eve). Ava is a beautiful and alluring strong artificial intelligence (AI) robot who can also pass the Turing Test. In the course of the film, Nathan declares something significant to Caleb (one of his employees who has been recruited by Nathan…

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