Will AI Take Writing Jobs Away from Content Marketers?

Over the past decade, as robots and other machines have begun to perform many jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively than the humans who previously did them, those of us in writing jobs have breathed a sigh of relief. Computers might be great at math, manufacturing, and data analysis. They might be able to fly planes and even perform surgery. But they can’t think, and therefore, they can’t write.Except now they can. You’ve probably already read at least one story written by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, i.e. “robo-writers.” And chances are, you didn’t even know it. Recent studies from Karstad University in Sweden have determined that most people can’t distinguish between news reports written by journalists and those generated by sophisticated algorithms. To prove it, The New York Times recently published…

Link to Full Article: Will AI Take Writing Jobs Away from Content Marketers?

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