Will Artificial Intelligence Help Paramedics Successfully Intubate?

Promising Technology Carlson JN, Das S, De la Torre F, et al. A novel artificial intelligence system for endotracheal intubation. Prehosp Emerg Care. Mar 17, 2016. [Epub ahead of print.] In the 1983 science-fiction film WarGames, Matthew Broderick believed he was going head-to-head with a random simulation program. However, he soon learned he’d accidentally hacked into a government artificial intelligence (AI) computer system programmed to repeatedly run thermonuclear simulations until it learned the best strategy for winning a war. Over 30 years later, AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In fact, AI algorithms are found in thousands of widely used applications. But is AI technology advanced enough to assist in achieving successful endotracheal intubations (ETI) with 100% accuracy? Background: Alternatives to ETI have become popular, as have…

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