Wiring rules untangle brain circuitry

Image shows axons and dendrites of different neurons used by researchers to help characterize their electrophysiological properties and map the connectivity diagram between them. Our brains contain billions of neurons linked through trillions of synaptic connections, and although disentangling this wiring may seem like mission impossible, a research team from Baylor College of Medicine took on the task. Researchers worked to decipher the wiring of the mouse neocortex, the outermost part of the brain that is thought to be responsible for cognition and perception. Their hope was that this complex wiring could be broken down to a set of rules governing the assembly of neocortical networks. Their findings, which appear in the current edition of Science, show that the basic wiring of the local circuitry of the neocortex can indeed…

Link to Full Article: Wiring rules untangle brain circuitry

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