Would You Allow An AI Personal Assistant To Help Organise Your Life?

My PA is an AI named Evie. At first, I was apprehensive about allowing a smart robot system to dictate part of my work life, not fully trusting its abilities to understand me and the people I communicate with. For effective assistance, Evie must recognise the wordings of my e-mails, which can be confusing, even to the eye of a human. This is especially so when I’m in a rush, use lingos or get my dates completely mixed up for a meet-up — which of course, was exactly what happened. Although I must commend Evie, who specialises in scheduling, for making out my sloppy threads of messages and successfully negotiating a time and place for a meeting with one of my key informants — even if it ended up on an unsuitable date. Still, like I said, the blunder was on my part. The rules of the game are actually pretty straightforward. Include Evie in an email thread, say something in your ‘natural language’ such as: “Hi Evie, please find me a time to meet Sandy on the 4th” and she’ll see to it in a jiffy. You get the date right, and Evie will look through your availability via…

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