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Announcing the AI Awards 2018 Now Open for Initial Nominations

Announcing the AI Awards 2018 Now Open for Initial Nominations

We are very pleased to announce that the 2018 AI Awards are now officially open for initial Nominations.

This year, we have 52 Awards, across six categories. See our previous post for more details on the list of Awards.

To nominate an AI Company, Product or Individual please fill in this online AI Awards Nomination form.

To learn more about the schedule for the awards, check out our Programme.

Please read our Guidelines and our competition Rules are available for your reference.

Its still not too late to be one of our Awards sponsors, contact us for more information.

We are changing our Name to into.AI

We are changing our Name to into.AI

We are pleased to announce that the name of our website is changing from homeAI.info to into.AI

We have already started the process of moving, our social media channels are migrating to the new name including our twitter account @into_AI

We hope are name is more accessible, less confusing and aligned well with our other site names;

into.AI is the portal for all of these sites, and the starting point in your AI journey of learning and knowledge.

We are building the global AI ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence via our AI Knowledge and Community Platform.

Please join us and get involved.

Neurons.AI – 2018 Meetup Chapters and Online Forums

Neurons.AI – 2018 Meetup Chapters and Online Forums

Hello Everyone,

Readers of homeAI.info may not be familiar with one of our partner websites Neurons.AI.

Neurons is a professional network for AI practitioners, providing both an online platform for collaboration including user blogs and forums as well as a vast network of local meetup groups or chapters.

Details on the meetup groups can be found at http://Chapters.Neurons.AI 

Membership of Neurons.AI is 100% completely free, and I would welcome you all to join this platform and get involved.


Announcing our Exclusive Stories

Announcing our Exclusive Stories

Over the next few months we will be sharing multiple sets of exclusive stories. Each series will have a theme.

Our exclusive stories will be visible on our new feed, but also permanently viewable via our AI magazine at homeAI.info/magazine

Our first series has the theme of Human interactions with AI applications and systems.

What If We Live Too Long? Life Extension and the Problem of Population

5 Ethical Quandaries Posed By The Rise of the Robots

Augmenting The Self: Enhancement, Evolution, and Ethics

Human Computer Interfaces: The Future Or Our Demise?

While we do this to enhance our News Stories on AI, we very much encourage user contributions to our platform, it is very easy to submit a News Story, Article or Press Release via into.ai/news-stories/submit-story/

Our Exclusive Stories can also be viewed via into.ai/blog/topics/exclusive-stories/

As always we welcome feedback and suggestions, particularly on themes for future exclusive stories.

Announcing our Facebook Pages

Announcing our Facebook Pages


We wanted to take this opportunity to announce the launch of our Facebook pages which align to a number of our websites, including;

Major Server Upgrade for all Informed.AI sites

Major Server Upgrade for all Informed.AI sites


We are very pleased to announce a significant migration of website hosting and server upgrade for all of our websites, including homeAI.info, Neurons.AI, Showcase.AI, Awards.AI, Events.AI and Informed.AI

This has been a major upgrade for us and has been executed very smoothly with zero downtime.

You should all experience much faster response and performance to all our websites making the user experience much more enjoyable.

As always we welcome your feedback

The Informed.AI Team


Celebrating Two Years of homeAI.info and the Informed.AI Media Group

Celebrating Two Years of homeAI.info and the Informed.AI Media Group

Two years today homeAI.info first went live. I am very happy to say that the purpose for site then is still the core purpose of the Informed.AI group of websites, and that is to Support the AI Community.

The two year milestone has made us review this mission and we are pleased to revise our mandate to ensure our core message and purpose is clear and easy to understand.

The past two years have been an amazing journey, adding more functionality to homeAI.info, creating a number supporting sites for specific parts of the ecosystem. But the most enjoyable part of this for us has always been meeting people and helping them to engage better with the wider AI community.

We have accomplished so many amazing things over the past two years. For example, our Events site recently hit the 150 events listed milestone and continues at pace with more events being listed every single week.

One of the key issues highlighted by the Royal Society report on Machine Learning was the potential skills gap as an industry we are facing. Obviously there isn’t a single solution to this, but we hope both homeAI.info from a training and education perspective, and Vocation.AI from a career portal and jobs board will help to support this key area of development needed over the coming years.

AI Awards

The AI Awards, have been a huge success on a global scale, we have already awarded 27 winners of the AI Awards. Having now entered our third year, we have some fantastic plans and announcements coming very soon that I am sure everyone will be very pleased to hear. Celebrating the successes and achievements of this fast paced industry is hugely important and really at the core of our efforts to support the AI community.

Neurons Network

We continue to grow our Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers call Neurons. This is a mix of both online and offline interactions, with meetups, forums, user blogs and messaging. This platform allows us to facilitate the knowledge sharing between organisations, allowing us all to benefit from the open developments of this field. We have recently created Meetup Chapters covering several new Cities in addition London, and are looking to rapidly add more regions and locations over the coming months.

Unique Content

We want to thank everyone for their continued involvement. We are always looking for contributors, to submit stories, press releases and thought leadership articles. Sharing your news and thoughts is all part of what this ecosystem is designed for, so please don’t hesitate to submit your news on our platform. We are now also creating our own unique stories, articles and papers, which we hope you will enjoy. This exclusive content will also be shared as part of our new weekly news letter.


We will be launching a number of modern styled events as part of our AI Showcase, including a Quarterly Online Live Demonstrations of AI Products, Frameworks and Tools, an Annual UnConference for Researchers to better share ideas and receive feedback and a Showcase Summit. More details coming soon, but please visit our site and register your interest.

In addition we have a number of additional projects and sites in the planning stage which we will be launching in the coming months, which will add new capabilities to our portfolio of sites.

Volunteers Needed

One of the key developments over the last six months, is the building of a team of volunteers to help accelerate our own capabilities and deliveries to facilitate our mission of support the AI community. I want to thank everyone that has already signed up to help us with our mission, and to welcome others to volunteer, as there is always more to do in this fast paced environment and the more volunteers we have the more we can support the community.

As we add more Cities to our Neurons Meetup Chapters we need volunteers to help organise the  local events. We are also looking for AI Experts to join our panel of judges for the AI Awards. If you would like to involved please contact us to find our more.

We are also forming a number of strategic partnerships that will enable us to achieve alot more in the coming months. More detailed announcements of these will be released in due course, but this is a very exciting stage of our expansion.

We Value your Feedback

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as we want to make sure we are delivering useful sites and functionality. The best way to do this is email us at talk@homeAI.info

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Dr Andy Pardoe
Founder of the Informed.AI Media Group

Our group of websites includes:










Our social media:

We have twitter accounts for all of our sites;


Neurons.AI London Chapter Officially Launched

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the London Chapter of Neurons.AI which includes a number of off-line meetups.

More details are available by signing up to the Neurons.AI professional network.

If you are interested in running a meetup Chapter for Neurons.AI in your city, please contact us now.

USA Trip March 2017 – A summary of 3 AI & ML Conferences

USA Trip March 2017 – A summary of 3 AI & ML Conferences

homeAI.info Founder takes a tour of America

New York and San Francisco, two very different cities, and three very difference AI & ML Conferences. This trip was motivated by the simple fact that many of the visitors to the Informed.AI media websites originate from the USA. So to visit and see first hand what the current topics of discussion are, the latest research, and most interesting applications, was only going to help inform me what the focus should be to continue the expansion and additions to the sites going forward.

To read the full review visit http://andypardoe.com/blog/usa-trip-march-2017-a-review/

We Need Your Help!

HomeAI.info was setup just over 18 months ago by Dr Andy Pardoe. Over that past year and a half, the site has grown both in terms of functionality and visitors. We have always had fantastic encouragement and feedback from the community which has lead to adding more and more to our offering.

Since our initial launch, we have added a number of additional sites and ways we are supporting the AI community. These include Events.AI, Awards.AI and most recently Neurons.AI

We have now reached a point in our development, where we need to seek the help and assistance from others to help us to continue to grow and increase the support we offer.

We are a non-profit organisation, and looking for people who wish to help support the AI community as a volunteer. We feel this is a wonderful opportunity for you to raise your own profile in the community while also supporting and giving back to an industry and community that has so much potential to be a world leader over the coming years.

What we Need

  1. Senior Leaders, CTOs, CIOs and most importantly, SMEs of AI and Machine Learning, to form a senior advisory board supporting Andy and the management team in terms of the direction and focus of the initiatives that we should drive forward. We will meet a few times a year to set the agenda and focus on the group.
  2. Content Providers, Journalists and Editors to help us increase our own content. Help give us our own voice and opinion. We feel this is really important to help build up our catalog of contributors.
  3. Sales & Marketing. To help us grow, we need to reach out to more companies and individuals to make them aware of the ways we can support them.
  4. Admin. As we grow we need to keep ontop of more and more administrations and paperwork.
  5. Operations & Logistics. While our initial focus has been on the on-line world, we are moving more into the off-line, real world in terms of organising meetups, and conferences. This requires all sorts of help both on the day of the event but also beforehand too.
  6. Regional and Country Leads. We have visitors from all over the world, and ideally we would like a country lead for each to ensure we are giving focus to each countries specific requirements. Plus to support our role out of real world events.
  7. Business Development. Help exploring new growth areas. We have a number of new websites we need help to grow, including our Jobs and Careers Portal (Vocation.AI) and our new Professional Networking site Neurons.AI. We also have a few ideas which we would like to roll out in 2017 too.
  8. Technical support. We run and administer an increasing number of websites, we would welcome support with these to allow us to add more functionality quicker to our sites, while ensuring we have a stable platform for our users and visitors.
  9. CEO, CTO and CMO. While Andy Pardoe has been performing all of these roles since inception, we would welcome the dedication and leadership that separating these roles would bring, together with benefits of strengthening the management team.

Currently none of these roles come with any renumeration, they are very much part-time voluntary roles. However, we are seeking funding sources that would change that situation in the near future.

Help us grow this initiative and allow us to continue our support of the AI community.

All enquiries should be sent to andy@informed.ai

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence — The 2nd Annual Award Winners Announced.


The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence is now in its second year, and has significantly grown this year, both in terms of the number of categories of award and the number of votes received.

These annual awards are to celebrate the various achievements of the AI community in developing new algorithms, products and services across a number of different categories and industries. We also acknowledged the work of startups and individuals who’s focus on AI is advancing the field.

This year we have 17 categories covering a range of topics and sectors that shows how diverse the field of AI is and specifically how its application is spreading across many industries. We also announce the Person and Company as well as the AI Tool or Framework of the Year.

A new addition to the awards this year is our Special Award for AI Achievement for the person, company, product or tool we feel most deserving of our recognition.

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the AI Awards, and full details are listed on our website http://Awards.AI. You can also see the media responses at @Awards_AI

AI Predictions for 2017

AI Predictions for 2017

So our 2017 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence are as follows;

  1. Art and Media Creation – I feel this will continue to build momentum next year with more advances in the type of content and quality of content produced. We are already seeing the quality coming close to that of humans, and maybe this year in a number of categories we will find it difficult to distinguish between AI generated and human created.
  2. Virtual Assistants – We are now seeing agents entering the home (not just on our phones) the integration with IoT devices will continue at pace in 2017. But can they do more than just switching lights on and off, doing simple search tasks and ordering repeat items from our favourite stores.
  3. More Physical Robots and Self-Driving Cars – This is an area that is very close to explode in terms of mainstream. Apple are design a vehicle, Uber are testing self-driving taxis. Robots to provide home help will be further developed in Japan (where there is a huge need for this). But we will see more robots doing simple tasks in the home and office?
  4. Start-ups come out of Stealth –  Over the past few years there has been a huge amount of VC funding for start-ups working in AI. We have seen the first firms already and many of them have been bought by the large technology players, but there will be many more start-ups surface from stealth this year, delivering more and more novel business models and solutions
  5. More Industries investigate use of AI – We will see many more diverse industries looking to employ the benefits of AI in there own environments. This will really drive AI in Business. But this may just start as advanced analytics and prediction / recommendation tasks, with robotics and deep learning applications coming into play in 2018.
  6. AI in the Workplace – We will start to see Augmentation (See the Four-A’s) in the workplace for a number of different jobs. This will be a gentle introduction to how AI is going to transform the workplace over the next five years. Sectors that are consume huge quantities of information, both structured and unstructured will see augmentation first, including the legal and accounting professions.
  7. More Lives Saved – We will see more applications of analytics and research empowered by AI that will be saving peoples lives, both immediate and from diagnosis and medical cures. I hope these applications get well publicised as this is one of the wonderful benefits of these advanced algorithms.
  8. More Talk about Governance and Ethics – This will continue until we have a world-wide agreement on a framework for both keys areas but don’t expect that in 2017. While we will see certain countries moving this forward faster than others, it will still be mostly superficial talk with limited progress in 2017.
  9. Further Advances in the Technology – There is a huge amount of research happening, from Universities, Large Companies and Start-ups, that we will continue to see advances is the models, algorithms, frameworks and platforms. But the progress will be incremental in 2017, with no major quantum leap advance.
  10. A Standard Definition for Artificial Intelligence – While the field is technically 60 years old this year, there is still not a standard definition that is widely accepted. I plan to help close this one out in 2017, more to follow on this one soon.

Celebrating Eighteen Months of homeAI.info and the Informed.AI Group

Celebrating Eighteen Months of homeAI.info and the Informed.AI Group

Another six months, and a lot of progress to report on.

Our main site homeAI.info still remains at the heart of our group. A growing directory of information resources, with an additional category added for fintech during the last period and still more to come. The news area is still very popular and we continue to see more user submitted stories. We have also continued to add more to our spotlight area and are always looking for more companies, startups and people to profile in our spotlight section.

We have just launched a new dedicate area for Students of AI accessed via the link http://Study.AI which we see as a major part to our educational offering going forward, and will over the coming months add more resources to this area.

We have launched the 2nd Annual Global AI Achievement Awards which has an amazing 21 categories, making it the biggest and best Awards for AI. This is the original AI Awards and we hope you all support this initiative by voting at http://Awards.AI. The Awards are a core part of us delivering our manifesto obligation of supporting the AI community and celebrating the achievements of those working in the field.

To mark the Eighteen month anniversary we are launching our most ambition website yet. We are calling it Neurons.AI and its a Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers. The focus on this site is to provide a bridge between commercial and academic endeavours in the field of AI. We strongly believe that bringing the two groups together will produce even more amazing developments in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. The network is like a social media network, but with a significant emphasis on forums and discussions. Neurons.AI also includes an offline element in the form of regular meet-ups. We have an official Press Release for this launch which you can read here.

We are also preparing to launch our AI Showcase Quarterly meet up from Q1 2017, the details can be seen at http://Showcase.AI. The desire is to inform students of AI and Machine Learning about the inner workings of a commercial development of Machine Learning applications and systems. This meetup will also be an opportunity for startups to showcase their products.

We continue to develop the careers portal and jobs board at http://Vocation.AI and are actively looking for more companies or agencies wanting to list their job opportunities on our site for free.

As always without the support of the AI community we are nothing. We continue to get wonderful feedback, and look forward to develop our platform to further support the AI community. We are very excited to make significant progress in 2017. As part of this we are looking to build out our advisory board to help us shape the direction of our future growth and are exploring ways we can accelerate our growth and rollout in 2017.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Dr Andy Pardoe
Founder of the Informed.AI Group of Community Websites

Our group of websites includes:









Our social media:

We have twitter accounts for all of our sites;







Press Release – Neurons.AI Launches – The Network for AI Professionals





Neurons.AI Launches Today – The Network for AI Professionals

A new social network for artificial intelligence professionals called Neurons.AI is launching today that will both operate online and host real world meet-ups.

Neurons will be the Facebook for AI experts and also provide members with the chance to socialise at regular events, to learn more about the subject and share ideas with others in the field.

Neurons is the brainchild of UK-based Dr Andy Pardoe, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Founder of Informed.AI, a group of community websites supporting those interested in AI, machine learning and data science.

The network will officially launch in beta mode on the 27th November but is open today for early registrations with a limited membership for the first six months, to be followed later by open paid subscriptions. Beta members will not pay membership for the first year. All membership fees will be used to directly for activities of the Informed.AI group to help promote and support the wider AI community.

Founder, Andy Pardoe, said: ‘I want to build a place where people can talk and share their ideas and experiences about AI and machine learning and allow collaborations between researchers and those working  in a commercial setting.’

‘The idea is to have a more dynamic conversation about AI, a place where people can have a voice.’

He added that members would be able to learn more about the latest developments in the AI field, often before anyone else does, given that this will be a forum for experts from industry and academia.

The social dimension will also be front and centre with an objective to build new connections and make friends in the AI and machine learning world. There will also be opportunities for members and their organisations to make presentations to members at meet-ups.

Naturally there will be significant networking opportunities; the ability to share and contribute to online forums and articles connected to Neurons; and to participate and also present new ideas at meet-ups.

If you would like to become a member please visit http://Neurons.AI to find out more.


Study.AI – A collection of resources for students of AI



We are please to launch a dedicated resources page for students of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We will be adding more to this area over the coming weeks, but wanted to share what we have already put together. Essentially we have re-organised our directory of resources so that it is tailored for students. The full directory is still available if needed, plus you still have full access of the homeAI.info resources. This is just a starting page for students on our homeAI.info site.

The page is available by visiting http://Study.AI

As always we welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Super Sunday Updates

Another Super Sunday for updates on our site.

  • Additional listings on the Company page
  • The new FinTech category added to the directory
  • Added a page for the Neurons Professional Network signup
  • Fixed a problem with the Videos page so now all our playlist groups are shown
  • Added our new sponsored links on pages

As always we welcome feedback and suggestions. Please use our contact us page for all comments.

Showcase 2016 – Our first conference on the 15th and 16th September


The Showcase 2016 Event is on the 15th and 16th September and still has a few tickets available for purchase.

The 2 day event is hosted by FutureWorld.tech at The Old Truman Brewery, East London’s revolutionary arts and media quarter.

For more details visit Showcase.ai and FutureWorld.tech

Our confirmed speakers include:

  • Peter Morgan, DSP
  • Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Emoshape
  • Clara Durodié, Independant Director
  • Melanie Warrick, Skymind
  • Parit Patel, IPsoft
  • Andy Pardoe, Informed.AI
  • Laure Andrieux, Aiseedo
  • Alexander Hill, Senesce
  • Dale Lane, IBM Watson

The 2nd AI Achievement Awards – Opens for Voting on Thursday 1st September



It is with great pleasure that we formally announce that the 2nd Annual Global AI Achievement Awards will be open for nomination votes this Thursday 1st Sept.

This is our second year of holding these awards, which we had ten awards categories, you can see the previous years winners on the awards website. This year we have doubled the number of categories to twenty, the full list can be found on the categories section of the website.

We encourage you all to support our initiative and vote for the companies and individuals you feel are contributing the most to the field of artificial intelligence. Support the community and celebrate the amazing work being done by thousands of people and hundreds of companies across the global.

Its a public vote open to everyone, for companies that wish to be nominated we suggest you inform your customers about the awards and suggest which category you would like to be nominated in.

There is still time to be a corporate sponsor of the awards. See the sponsors page for more details.

Don’t forget to visit the site http://Awards.AI on or after the 1st Sept to cast your vote.


British Computer Society Machine Intelligence Competition 2016

British Computer Society Machine Intelligence Competition 2016

After a three-year gap it is with great pleasure that the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (SGAI) relaunches the BCS Machine Intelligence Competition, as part of the Group’s one-day event Real AI 2016.

The eleventh BCS Machine Intelligence competition for live demonstrations of applications that show ‘progress towards machine intelligence’ will be held on Friday October 7th 2016 at the BCS London Office, First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London. The winner will receive a cash prize plus a trophy.

The prize will be awarded on the basis of a 10-15 minute live demonstration (not a paper, not a technical description). The demonstration can be of either software (e.g. a question-answering system or a speech recognition system) or hardware (e.g. a mobile robot).

Full details of the competition and an online entry form are available on the website. There is no entry fee but competitors will be asked to meet their own costs. The closing date is Friday September 9th 2016. However early entry is strongly advised.

Attendance at the competition is free of charge for those attending Real AI 2016 (http://www.bcs-sgai.org/realai2016/). All those attending will be eligible to vote for the winning entry.

Organisers: Ms. Nadia Abouayoub (BCS SGAI) email: nadia_abou@hotmail.com and Prof. Max Bramer (Chair, SGAI) email: max.bramer@port.ac.uk

Welcome to the home of information resources for AI and ML. We hope you find this site useful. Feel free to give us feedback.

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