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Celebrating Eighteen Months of homeAI.info and the Informed.AI Group

Celebrating Eighteen Months of homeAI.info and the Informed.AI Group

Another six months, and a lot of progress to report on.

Our main site homeAI.info still remains at the heart of our group. A growing directory of information resources, with an additional category added for fintech during the last period and still more to come. The news area is still very popular and we continue to see more user submitted stories. We have also continued to add more to our spotlight area and are always looking for more companies, startups and people to profile in our spotlight section.

We have just launched a new dedicate area for Students of AI accessed via the link http://Study.AI which we see as a major part to our educational offering going forward, and will over the coming months add more resources to this area.

We have launched the 2nd Annual Global AI Achievement Awards which has an amazing 21 categories, making it the biggest and best Awards for AI. This is the original AI Awards and we hope you all support this initiative by voting at http://Awards.AI. The Awards are a core part of us delivering our manifesto obligation of supporting the AI community and celebrating the achievements of those working in the field.

To mark the Eighteen month anniversary we are launching our most ambition website yet. We are calling it Neurons.AI and its a Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers. The focus on this site is to provide a bridge between commercial and academic endeavours in the field of AI. We strongly believe that bringing the two groups together will produce even more amazing developments in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. The network is like a social media network, but with a significant emphasis on forums and discussions. Neurons.AI also includes an offline element in the form of regular meet-ups. We have an official Press Release for this launch which you can read here.

We are also preparing to launch our AI Showcase Quarterly meet up from Q1 2017, the details can be seen at http://Showcase.AI. The desire is to inform students of AI and Machine Learning about the inner workings of a commercial development of Machine Learning applications and systems. This meetup will also be an opportunity for startups to showcase their products.

We continue to develop the careers portal and jobs board at http://Vocation.AI and are actively looking for more companies or agencies wanting to list their job opportunities on our site for free.

As always without the support of the AI community we are nothing. We continue to get wonderful feedback, and look forward to develop our platform to further support the AI community. We are very excited to make significant progress in 2017. As part of this we are looking to build out our advisory board to help us shape the direction of our future growth and are exploring ways we can accelerate our growth and rollout in 2017.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Dr Andy Pardoe
Founder of the Informed.AI Group of Community Websites

Our group of websites includes:









Our social media:

We have twitter accounts for all of our sites;







Press Release – Neurons.AI Launches – The Network for AI Professionals





Neurons.AI Launches Today – The Network for AI Professionals

A new social network for artificial intelligence professionals called Neurons.AI is launching today that will both operate online and host real world meet-ups.

Neurons will be the Facebook for AI experts and also provide members with the chance to socialise at regular events, to learn more about the subject and share ideas with others in the field.

Neurons is the brainchild of UK-based Dr Andy Pardoe, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Founder of Informed.AI, a group of community websites supporting those interested in AI, machine learning and data science.

The network will officially launch in beta mode on the 27th November but is open today for early registrations with a limited membership for the first six months, to be followed later by open paid subscriptions. Beta members will not pay membership for the first year. All membership fees will be used to directly for activities of the Informed.AI group to help promote and support the wider AI community.

Founder, Andy Pardoe, said: ‘I want to build a place where people can talk and share their ideas and experiences about AI and machine learning and allow collaborations between researchers and those working  in a commercial setting.’

‘The idea is to have a more dynamic conversation about AI, a place where people can have a voice.’

He added that members would be able to learn more about the latest developments in the AI field, often before anyone else does, given that this will be a forum for experts from industry and academia.

The social dimension will also be front and centre with an objective to build new connections and make friends in the AI and machine learning world. There will also be opportunities for members and their organisations to make presentations to members at meet-ups.

Naturally there will be significant networking opportunities; the ability to share and contribute to online forums and articles connected to Neurons; and to participate and also present new ideas at meet-ups.

If you would like to become a member please visit http://Neurons.AI to find out more.


Study.AI – A collection of resources for students of AI



We are please to launch a dedicated resources page for students of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We will be adding more to this area over the coming weeks, but wanted to share what we have already put together. Essentially we have re-organised our directory of resources so that it is tailored for students. The full directory is still available if needed, plus you still have full access of the homeAI.info resources. This is just a starting page for students on our homeAI.info site.

The page is available by visiting http://Study.AI

As always we welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Super Sunday Updates

Another Super Sunday for updates on our site.

  • Additional listings on the Company page
  • The new FinTech category added to the directory
  • Added a page for the Neurons Professional Network signup
  • Fixed a problem with the Videos page so now all our playlist groups are shown
  • Added our new sponsored links on pages

As always we welcome feedback and suggestions. Please use our contact us page for all comments.

Showcase 2016 – Our first conference on the 15th and 16th September


The Showcase 2016 Event is on the 15th and 16th September and still has a few tickets available for purchase.

The 2 day event is hosted by FutureWorld.tech at The Old Truman Brewery, East London’s revolutionary arts and media quarter.

For more details visit Showcase.ai and FutureWorld.tech

Our confirmed speakers include:

  • Peter Morgan, DSP
  • Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Emoshape
  • Clara Durodié, Independant Director
  • Melanie Warrick, Skymind
  • Parit Patel, IPsoft
  • Andy Pardoe, Informed.AI
  • Laure Andrieux, Aiseedo
  • Alexander Hill, Senesce
  • Dale Lane, IBM Watson

The 2nd AI Achievement Awards – Opens for Voting on Thursday 1st September



It is with great pleasure that we formally announce that the 2nd Annual Global AI Achievement Awards will be open for nomination votes this Thursday 1st Sept.

This is our second year of holding these awards, which we had ten awards categories, you can see the previous years winners on the awards website. This year we have doubled the number of categories to twenty, the full list can be found on the categories section of the website.

We encourage you all to support our initiative and vote for the companies and individuals you feel are contributing the most to the field of artificial intelligence. Support the community and celebrate the amazing work being done by thousands of people and hundreds of companies across the global.

Its a public vote open to everyone, for companies that wish to be nominated we suggest you inform your customers about the awards and suggest which category you would like to be nominated in.

There is still time to be a corporate sponsor of the awards. See the sponsors page for more details.

Don’t forget to visit the site http://Awards.AI on or after the 1st Sept to cast your vote.


British Computer Society Machine Intelligence Competition 2016

British Computer Society Machine Intelligence Competition 2016

After a three-year gap it is with great pleasure that the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (SGAI) relaunches the BCS Machine Intelligence Competition, as part of the Group’s one-day event Real AI 2016.

The eleventh BCS Machine Intelligence competition for live demonstrations of applications that show ‘progress towards machine intelligence’ will be held on Friday October 7th 2016 at the BCS London Office, First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London. The winner will receive a cash prize plus a trophy.

The prize will be awarded on the basis of a 10-15 minute live demonstration (not a paper, not a technical description). The demonstration can be of either software (e.g. a question-answering system or a speech recognition system) or hardware (e.g. a mobile robot).

Full details of the competition and an online entry form are available on the website. There is no entry fee but competitors will be asked to meet their own costs. The closing date is Friday September 9th 2016. However early entry is strongly advised.

Attendance at the competition is free of charge for those attending Real AI 2016 (http://www.bcs-sgai.org/realai2016/). All those attending will be eligible to vote for the winning entry.

Organisers: Ms. Nadia Abouayoub (BCS SGAI) email: nadia_abou@hotmail.com and Prof. Max Bramer (Chair, SGAI) email: max.bramer@port.ac.uk

Showcase.AI – a 2 day conference 15th-16th September in London, UK

We are pleased to announce the dates for the 2016 Showcase.AI Conference.

The Showcase is a two day conference and will be between 15th and 16th September 2016, located in central London, UK.

The theme of the conference is “Deep Tech”.

More information can be found at Showcase.AI

To book tickets visit our partner FutureWorld.tech, and select Register to purchase tickets.

Timetable for the 2nd Annual AI Awards

We are pleased to announce the time table for the key events as part of the 2nd Annual AI Awards.

The Awards Timetable is:

  • 1st July – Awards Categories Listed
  • 1st September – Open for Nomination Voting
  • 15th January – Voting Closes
  • 1st February – Award Winners Announced

To keep informed about the AI Awards please visit the website Awards.AI and follow the twitter account @Awards_AI

Our First Year Anniversary of homeAI.info


We are pleased to announce the official first year anniversary of homeAI.info.

Since inception, it has been an amazing experience building up the homeAI.info website to what it is today. Initially the focus was to build a directory of information resources about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and this still remains at the core of the website. We have collected a significant number of information resources together in one place, but realise this is an ongoing task as more and more new companies, products, software projects and tools are launched and we will endeavour to add them to our directory.

Our focus is to provide information for anyone interested in AI who is at any stage of expertise, from novice to professional. You can see our manifesto on our parent website Informed.AI.

While building out the directory of information resources, we realised that we can also provide different channels of information, including forum posts, tweets and video media. This then took us to provide a news aggregation service which is one of our most popular parts of the website and this allows us to stay current and up to date with the latest changes happening in the industry.

Our News and Magazine section of our website is one of our most popular areas, as it provide up to date information on the field, and we know that there is so much happening on a daily basis. We also have streams for forums and social media posts, which also help people keep up with the latest information. We have a video stream as well with various playlists for different topics, well worth a look.

We have now also launched a number of micro-sites to focus on very specific areas of Artificial Intelligence. So much so that we now have a group of community websites for AI grouped together under the Informed.AI network.

We have an Events website that lists all the meet-ups, events, conferences and exhibitions occurring across the world on the subject of AI and ML. This site we are very proud of as we feel it provides a really useful service to everyone interested in attending an event on AI so they can see all available events in different locations. We have three media partners that all offer discounts on events. We believe this is the best single place information on events within the AI field.

Another initiative we started was the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence. The site is Awards.AI and nominations are still open across ten categories for the 2015 Awards. We feel this is a significant element that was missing from the AI community and industry and we are very proud to help deliver this.

In 2016 we launched our magazine section on homeAI.info, also accessible via Magazine.AI This is a wonderful platform that allows us to consolidate all of our user submitted content. We are only just starting with this and hope to improve the format of it in the coming months.

Another site we have spun out is our Careers portal Vocation.AI. This is very new only a few weeks, but we hope this will become the leading place for companies and agents to post roles available in the data science and machine learning fields. We welcome contact from anyone that would like to support this initiative.

We are also venturing into hosting out first AI event this year. Showcase.AI will be a 2 day event in London in September. We are currently looking for speakers and attendees at the moment so if you are interested please contact us via the website showcase.ai

We are also planning to launch a Crowd Funding campaign later in the year to support our further growth and expansion. Watch this space for more details on this.

Without the AI community we are nothing. Once again thank you all for being part of our journey and welcome anyone who wishes to support us on our mission to build a strong united AI community. The strong community is what drives us forward and the wonderful feedback we get on a weekly basis has always been very encouraging. We look forward to see what progress we can make in the next year, with your support I am sure it will be totally amazing.

If you would like to help and get involved please contact us to discuss.

Our network of websites:







Our social media:

We have twitter accounts for all of our sites;







We also have a few Facebook pages too:



Our newsletter:


How should we celebrate?

We are approaching our first anniversary and we would like to reach out to our community for suggestions on how we can celebrate?

One idea we have is to give away a free ticket to an event via one of our media partners Re-Work. But how do we select the winner?

Any ideas or thoughts please let us know

Directory Updates – Super Saturday

Added a lot of updates to the directory across a number of categories today.

We like to keep adding more, so tell us any links you would like to see added via our Add a Link page. We are also looking for features on our News and Magazine area so feel free to Submit a Story 

We also want suggestions for our Spotlight section which is perfect for start up companies, press releases of new products or for individuals to promote a new book as examples. Please contact us to make a recommendation or suggestion.

Its completely 100% free for any additions to our site, so please let us know how we can help promote your AI  project or business.

Check out Our Community page and also don’t forget our other websites Events.AI and Vocation.AI


Spotlight your AI company

We are looking for established companies or startups that would like to feature in our spotlight. We are also happy to feature individuals if they are involved in the field; we have previously featured an author.

Since we started the spotlight we have had a lot of great feedback from the companies featured, and we feel this is a wonderful way to promote your business or product/service.

We do not charge to feature in the spotlight area of our website, and its the perfect time to be part of this as you will also be included in our online AI magazine.

This is great for a startup to issue a press release or announce a new product too.

For more information and to request to be featured, please contact us in the usual ways.

Some small Menu changes

A very quick update to let you all know we have slightly changed the top menu structure of homeAI.info. Nothing major, just a couple of very small changes.

We have added Events and Careers menus which redirect to Awards.AI and Vocation.AI websites. These are two of our micro-sites that are part of our Informed.AI Network of Information websites for AI.

The Awards menu now directly goes to our Awards.AI site.


Vocation.AI – Careers and Jobs Portal is now live

We are very pleased to announce that another mini-site spin-off of homeAI.info has now gone live.

Vocation.AI is our careers and job portal for those interested in find opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Currently the site has a news feed related to jobs in AI on its home page, and info page and the ability for companies to post job openings for free.

As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our sites. so please let us know what you think.

We also have a related twitter account for this website @Vocation_AI which you may also find useful.

Please share the website and twitter account with your friends and colleagues.




Our First Super Sunday for 2016

Welcome everyone to our first Super Sunday for 2016, yes I know its the last day of January already, but its been a very busy time for us. Over the past few weeks we were very busy with our AI Awards announcements, but now we are back and fully focused on homeAI.info.

We have had quite a few updates this weekend including;

  • Some reordering of the main menu
  • moved the spotlight menu under the magazine menu
  • redone the pages for our daily and monthly News
  • produced our first online magazine page
  • updated the awards page
  • added user requested linked to our directory
  • updated our submit a news story or article page

Another major change for us is the first version of our online Magazine. We have decided to produce an online magazine that contains all the articles and news stories submitted by our community exclusively. This magazine also contains companies and people from our spotlight profiles. We really hope you like our magazine.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

We also have a number of exciting new projects for 2016 which we look forward to sharing with you very soon.


Spotlight for 2016

We are looking for established companies or startups that would like to feature in our spotlight this year. We are also happy to feature individuals if they are involved in the field; we have previously featured an author.

Since we started the spotlight we have had a lot of great feedback from the companies featured, and we feel this is a wonderful way to promote your business or product/service.

We do not charge to feature in the spotlight area of our website, and in 2016 its the perfect time to be part of this as you will also be included in our online AI magazine.

This is perfect for a startup to issue a press release.

For more information and to request to be featured, please contact us in the usual ways.

AI Awards 2015 – Winners Announced


Awards.AI today announces the winners of the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence for 2015.

Full details of the categories and winners can be seen on the Awards.AI website.

We only launched the AI Awards a few months ago, and have had a fantastic response from everyone so far. The AI Awards are designed to celebrate the achievements across a number of different categories with the aim to support the AI Community.

We are always looking for people feedback, comments and suggestions to improve the AI Awards. Maybe we should add more categories for the next awards. Maybe you would like to join the committee. Maybe you would like to discuss a sponsorship of the awards. Please feel free to contact us about anything we can do to improve the awards.

Student (Brand) Ambassadors for homeAI.info

To help promote homeAI.info to the various student groups across the different Universities and departments that teach and research Artificial Intelligence, we are looking for Student Volunteers to become Brand Ambassadors for homeAI.info.

This will simply be about promoting the website with fellow students, lecturers and researchers within your given institution, so that more people who have an interest in AI have heard of and use this website as their main source of information about Artificial Intelligence.

If you would like to become a homeAI.info Ambassador, please contact us via email at talk@homeAI.info for more information.


AI Conference (hosted by BCS SGAI) – Open Mic Session

During the three day AI Conference hosted by the British Computer Society Special Group for AI (BCS SGAI) at Cambridge University, an open mic session allowed an opportunity for the founder of homeAI.info to promote the website with delegates of the conference.

This was a wonderful opportunity to engage with an International audience and share the goals of homeAI.info and our other sites. Throughout the three days of the conference, everyone has been very supportive about the site.




Welcome to the home of information resources for AI and ML. We hope you find this site useful. Feel free to give us feedback.

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